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5 Reasons To Choose A Pocket Cloth Diaper

5 Reasons To Choose A Pocket Cloth Diaper

If you're wondering what kind or style of cloth diaper to choose for your cloth diapering adventure, you're not alone. Everyone who's interested in cloth diapers asks themselves this question at some point and of course there are lots of different diapers to choose from.

But today let's focus on pockets.

For a quick refresher on what a pocket style cloth diaper is and what it looks like, pockets feature a water-resistant PUL or TPU outer lining and a stay-dry inner fabric lining with a pocket opening in the middle where you stuff absorbent inserts before putting it on baby. For more specifics on pockets, look here.

Now that that's out of the say, here's 5 reasons why a pocket diaper might be the right choice for your baby and your family.

#1) A great choice for beginners
Pocket diapers are easy to find, use and wash.

#2) Adjustable
Pocket diapers usually come as a 'one size' with snaps in the front to adjust the size as baby grows. This means that you only need one diaper to last until baby is potty trained and you don't have to keep buying the next size up. 

#3) Lots of choice
Most pockets are made with moisture wicking microfleece or athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) as the fabric layer against the skin, this is nice for babies who don't like feeling wet and for those with sensitive skin who need to keep their skin as dry as possible to prevent diaper rash. However, you can find some pocket diapers with natural fabric linings.  They just aren't as common.  Thirsties for example makes two versions of their pocket diapers.  One with stay-dry microfleece and one with cotton. 

#4) They are customizable
It's easy to add more absorbency into the pocket space if your baby needs it simply by adding additional inserts or boosters into the pocket. Many pockets come with microfibre inserts, so layering these with hemp boosters is always a great choice. (Pro tip: just be careful not to overstuff to the point where the leg elastics begin to gap.  If that happens you'll experience leaks.  For nighttime, heavy wetters or if your baby is flooding their diaper more than the pockets can handle, consider a fitted with a cover instead).

#5) Easy to wash
Pocket diapers are easy to wash. Shake solids into the toilet, separate the insert from the pocket shell and store in a wet bag till wash day.

When NOT to choose a pocket style diaper
Of course, like anything else, there are times, when a different style of diaper might work better than pockets for you.  So what are the downsides to pockets?
- They often come as a 'one size' so if you have a preemie or very small newborn, they might not fit right away.
- Most come with microfiber inserts - there are exceptions such as Thirsties natural pockets and Lighthouse Kids Company, but microfiber can be prone to compression leaks so be prepared to layer it with hemp or other natural fabrics as necessary. 
- Pockets aren't always the best for nighttime heavy wetters as discussed above. 
- If having to stuff the absorbent insert(s) into the pocket before placing the diaper on your baby will annoy you or seems overly complicated to you, then opt for an AIO style diaper instead. 

 If cloth diapers sound like they will work for you, we have several brands in stock to choose from. 

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