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5 on-trend baby nursery ideas for baby boys and girls

5 on-trend baby nursery ideas for baby boys and girls

You’ll soon be welcoming a little one into the world, and it’s time to start preparing your nursery room. Whether you’re looking for baby boy or baby girl nursery ideas, we’re here to guide the way.

Getting your nursery in order before your little one enters the world is important for 2 main reasons. Firstly, it’s important to have a functional space ready to go. Having a dedicated well stocked changing station and a seating area for feedings will save you a lot of hardship and last minute scrambling while your hands are full with a newborn. Secondly, the room should be a source of joy, inspiration, and calm. You’ll be spending a lot of time in this space, whether for diaper changes or middle-of-the-night rocking chair sessions. 

All of our baby nursery ideas are rooted in sustainability. Sourcing well-made items will save you the hassle of having to replace them. Plus, if another baby is on the way, these items will last you for years. Sustainable, clean decor is beautiful, long lasting and healthier for you and your little one.

Read on to find out our top baby nursery ideas!

Top 5 baby nursery ideas

#1 Tasteful decorations 

Brainstorm some themes for your room. You want the room to make you feel joyful, calm, and peaceful. There are many accent pieces you can use to achieve this. 

A popular baby nursery idea right now is the canopy trend. Canopies add

dramatic flair, and they can also make your baby sleep better by creating darkness and reducing distractions. Decorative tents are a similarly enchanting decor piece. When furnished with cushions, they can make the perfect storytime nook too.

Fairy lights, custom name signs, handmade fabric mobiles, and wooden toys can all add a signature touch to your room as well.  Etsy has many handmade items that you can have custom made if you wish.  

For baby girl nursery ideas, it’s popular to incorporate floral patterns, chandeliers, or pale pink drapes into the decor. For baby boy nursery ideas, you could incorporate animals, woodland scenes, or starry nights into your decor. Let this serve as inspiration, rather than as a hard-and-fast rule. Do what feels right for your family and tastes.

#2 Natural, clean fabrics and materials 

It’s important to furnish your room with non-toxic products. To this end, consider items made from natural materials. Not only do natural items give a relaxed and calm touch to your room, they also keep you and your little ones safe. Make sure to check items like pacifiers, changing pads, diapers ,bottles and nursing pillows for harmful chemicals like phthalates, flame retardants, dioxins and solvents. For peace of mind, look at the materials or ingredients list and do some research about the products on your own no matter the brand or material it's made from.

Try to source clean, all-natural items. Here are some fantastic non-toxic options

for common nursery items you'll need.

  • Baby blankets: Our Lulujo and Kanga Care baby blankets are made with natural, breathable soft fibres and non-toxic dyes.
  • Changing pads: Our Lighthouse Kids Co. folding change pad is lightweight, portable, washable and made with TPU, a solvent-free waterproof material. 
  • Crib sheets: Our Lil Helper SleepSaver Crib Sheets are likewise safe for baby and feature soft material next to baby, an absorbent layer in the middle for drool, spit up or diaper leaks and a waterproof backing to keep your mattress clean. (To learn more about choosing the best crib sheets, check out our previous blog post 5 ways your baby’s crib sheet is failing you.)
  • Diapers: We've got you covered there.  We carry several brands of cloth diapers as well as eco disposables that are 80% biodegradable. 
#3 Gender neutral decor 

    Going for a gender neutral color scheme can be practical. It can also help if you’re

    planning on having another child and don’t want to commit to a girl or boy theme. Plus, if your baby girl actually turns out to be a baby boy, you’re covered! But everyone wants to add their own signature flair to a room of course, so do this with accent colors.  Throw rugs, curtains, pillows, bedding, blankets, storage baskets and pictures in specific boy colors or girl colors if you wish. 

    If you want to keep it really neutral, green is a great gender-neutral colour. Whether you’re opting for a light-green mint hue or a rich, forest green, it doesn’t scream “boy” or “girl" and is easily complimented with accent colors. 

    Also consider that peel and stick wallpaper is in style, and so are floral and plant patterns. If you don’t want to cover all the walls opt for an accent wall. Painting the rest of the walls in white, cream, or a lighter colour can have a clean, serene effect and make the room feel larger too. 

    #4 Heirloom furniture 

    Sourcing heirloom or vintage furniture is a great baby nursery idea for a number of

    reasons. Vintage items can bring an unexpected charm to your room, especially when paired with other modern furniture pieces. Plus, vintage or older second-hand items tend to be well-made and durable. Durability is key if you’re planning on having another child. 

    Vintage or heirloom rocking chairs, coffee tables, storage cases or armoires can add beauty and individuality to your nursery. If you like the shape but not the colour, you can always apply a fresh coat of low-VOC paint to spruce it up and tie it into the motif of the room. 

    Look for second-hand vintage items at furniture shops and consignment shops, Mom & Tot swap meets or online in baby groups and on Marketplace or Kijiji.

    *It’s important to note that vintage or second-hand cribs and other baby items might not meet current safety standards. It’s best to double-check their safety before including them in your decor scheme.

    #5 Eco friendly reusable diapers

    There's going to be diapers in every nursery, so why not make them cute and eco

    friendly too.  Reusable diapers are one of our favourite baby nursery ideas. They feature original prints and use sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo. They help you reduce unsightly trash, and even save you money in the long-run. 

    Curious about cloth diaper, but don’t know where to start? Flip through our
    Cloth Diapering Quick Start Guide or take our quiz to find out which cloth diaper is best for you based on your unique needs. 

    We have a whole selection of clean, natural cloth diapers that are easy to wash and use too. Here are some of our favourite brands.

    • Thirsties: Thristies makes cloth diapers using hemp and organic cotton. The diaper prints, which range from snails, to skunks, to skipping stones, are all original artwork too.
    • Lighthouse Kids Co.: Lighthouse Kids diapers use bamboo cotton interiors and feature gorgeous earth toned prints. The designs are very on-trend, and will add a whimsical touch to your nursery. The waterproof outer layer of these diapers are made with recycled water bottles. 
    • Esembly: Esembly cloth diapers are made with organic cotton.  They also make all-natural laundry detergent specifically for cloth diapering that can be used on baby clothing too.

    The bottom line

    Parenting a newborn is an exciting yet possibly stressful time. A nursery with functional beauty can put you at ease and prepare you for what’s to come. Keeping your nursery clean and natural isn’t just beautiful–it helps keep you and your little one healthy and comfortable. Plus, you’ll reduce your waste and save money in the long-run! 

    We hope these baby nursery ideas help you on your parenting journey.

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