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Esembly Everyday Balm (4oz.)

by Esembly
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A perfect daily diaper balm, it protects and soothes your baby’s skin and it's cloth diaper safe. Each jar is 4oz.

Everyday Balm is also a great “anywhere” balm—perfect for baby massage, relief of eczema and dry skin, on cradle cap, or as a nipple cream for nursing moms.

One of the key ingredients in Esembly’s Balm is organic coconut oil, which is wonderfully nourishing - but due to the nature of the oil, it’s rock hard when it’s cold and liquid when it’s warm- making it difficult to use at the changing table. To solve for this, Esembly blended the organic coconut oil with equally soothing and protecting organic olive oil, organic shea nut oil, organic sunflower oil, beeswax and vitamin E so it maintains a smooth, ointment-like consistency at any temperature.

Esembly Everyday Balm is cloth diaper safe and will wash easily and effectively out of your Esembly Inners and Outers or any other brand of reusable diapers.

Apply liberally to clean, dry skin.

Use only as directed. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. When not in use, keep jar closed and stored in a cool, dry place.

INGREDIENTS Organic unrefined coconut oil, beeswax, organic shea nut oil, organic sunflower oil, vitamin E

Made in the USA


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