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Esembly Tossers (100/Roll)

by Esembly
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A biodegradable cloth diaper liner that gives you an ick-free way to discard of diaper messes before laundering.

Once baby starts eating solids, Esembly’s super-soft Tossers enable you to easily discard solid waste (the poo!) before laundering your Esembly Inners - and they’re super-soft and comfortable against baby’s skin.

Note that while your baby is on a milk-only diet (Breast Milk or formula) there is no need for Tossers. Simply toss poopy diapers right in the laundry with pee diapers for cleaning.

• 100 liners per roll
• Line your Esembly Inners with a disposable Tosser to simplify your wash routine once your baby starts eating solid foods
• Fragrance Free
• Made of super-soft 100% viscose from bamboo

To use, simply line your cloth diaper with a fresh Tosser. The liner goes against the baby’s skin. When soiled, discard the liner along with the mess it collected and launder your diapers as usual.

Discard soiled liners. Do not reuse. Do not wash.

Bamboo Viscose

Made in China. 


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