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Why Do You Cloth Diaper?

Why Do You Cloth Diaper?

We know why our family chose to cloth diaper, but why do you do it?  For us, we were wanting to save money when we started out and the environmental implications and health benefits were additional bonuses.  But along the way, we've realized many other benefits too.  

That got me thinking.  Why do YOU cloth diaper?  So I thought a little running poll would be fun.  Feel free to choose more than one answer if there's a few that speak loudly to you, or add your own reasons we haven't even thought of to add.  I'm curious how it will look once we all put our feedback in.  

Happy voting! And don't forget to share with your clothy friends or those considering cloth for the first time...

Why do you cloth diaper? (or why are you interested in learning about it)? *You can select more than one reason or add your own.
To save money
Environmental reasons
It just looks cute
It's healthier for my baby
My baby is allergic to disposables
Don't want to support multinational corporations
Please Specify:
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