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When To Let Out A Rise Snap Or Size Up Your Cloth Diapers

When To Let Out A Rise Snap Or Size Up Your Cloth Diapers

Ok, so you have your one size cloth diapers sized down to the smallest setting, but now baby is starting to grow! Has that got you wondering when to let out a rise snap? Or if you are using a sized system of diapers, how do you know when to size up? 

The easiest way to tell when it's time to let out that rise is whether you can see baby bum crack.  When baby is sitting, can you see it? If you can, or if the waist elastic is quite far down the back so you almost can, then it's time to let out a rise or size up.  The waistband should fit at or just underneath the belly button around the natural waist, if it doesn't, you'll get poop explosions up the back, so if you start getting those frequently when you didn't before, there's your second clue. 

Another way to tell is if your baby is outgrowing the absorbency.  If you start getting leaks when you didn't before, it might be time to size up and/or add a booster for extra absorbency. 

Other things to look for...the diaper is on too small of a setting if:
- there are deep red skin indentations where the wings are pressing into the top of the thigh that don't go away quickly at change time.
- the front tummy panel is being tugged down and/or gapping at the front (more than a little bit).
- if the wings are sticking out or are angled downward in a way that doesn't look quite right. 

If you are noticing any of the above, or if you just aren't sure, try letting the rise out on only one diaper and see how it fits.  Note that you may need to bring the waist in more once you let a rise out to ensure no gaps at the legs.  But try it, and see how it goes.  If it fits better, then adjust all of your diapers accordingly. 

Pro Tip
Don't panic if your baby is only a few months old and already on the largest diaper setting, thinking your one size diapers will never fit through potty training.  This is not uncommon.  It's very likely that once baby starts crawling and especially walking that they will slim down and the diaper will actually need to be adjusted back down to a smaller setting once they become active toddlers. 
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