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What Was In the GroVia Launch Box?  Meet Rose & Abalone

What Was In the GroVia Launch Box? Meet Rose & Abalone

As GroVia retailers we have participated in all 3 GroVia Launchbox events.  First there was Woodlands Remix, then the charity initiative for autism awareness, Heatspring...and now today the two newest additions to the GroVia lineup were revealed via live Facebook video - meet Rose and Abalonee!

Rose is the perfect summer shade of pink and Abalonee is a gorgeous and very gender neutral blue/teal color.  The pics just don't do them justice.  We've got them ordered up and on their way.  

***Available to purchase on the Cloth Diaper Kids website for CANADIANS on JUNE 23, 2017***

We will have them stocked in hybrid shells (snap and hook/loop) as well as O.N.Es and wet bags!

P.S. Wanna know how to pronounce Abalone?  It's "Aa-bah-LOW-nee." Like the sea snail ;)

What do think of the newest colors?  Which one is your favorite.  Leave us a comment below...

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