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Thirsties #CountryHarvestTrio Release - Available Today

Thirsties #CountryHarvestTrio Release - Available Today

It's Thirsties and it's fabulous!  The new #CountryHarvestTrio is on sale today.  Here's what Thirsties had to say about the new release:

'With cooler evenings and harvest festivals all around, it’s easy to see Autumn is upon us. There’s something about this season that takes us back to a simpler time and inspires our appreciation for the understated elegance of nature and the purity of home. Even if you’re a city dweller, you can take part in the much-revered simple life with Thirsties’ Country Harvest Trio featuring our new solid, #Daffodil, a rich, golden yellow with matching binding and snaps, and two country-inspired prints, #FarmLife and #SunBlossom. The Country Harvest Trio is sure to take you back to your roots…or the roots you wish you had!'

We have these beauties in stock and ready to ship for you today.  Are these limited editions? Yes.  The two prints Farm Life and Sun Blossom are limited editions and they will not re-stock when we sell out.  Daffodil on the other hand, Thirsties is going to wait and see.  I suspect it will be added to the regular color lineup, but no official word yet.  So, don't chance it.  If you love it, get it while you can.  If you're getting Sun Blossom, you've got to get the Daffodil.  I'm telling you, in person, they're adorable and you'll want the matching set. 

These are available in Duo Wraps (great with prefolds or over fitteds for night), Natural One Size and Newborn All In Ones and Wet Bags (Farm Life and Sun Blossom only in the wet bags as it wasn't made in Daffodil).

|Buy Daffodil, Farm Life and Sun Blossom HERE|

Tell us what you think of them in the comments!
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