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20 Reasons To Cloth Diaper

20 Reasons To Cloth Diaper

Alright you're new to cloth diapers, beginning your research into the why's and how's and you need some ammo to support our decision to cloth diaper.  Need we say more than these amazing reasons below?  These are some of the reasons why our family decided to do cloth and we added a number of reasons why our clients have chosen to cloth diaper too.  Have one you'd like to add?  Drop your 'why' in comments below. 

1) Cloth diapers are soft on baby's delicate skin.  I don't know about you, but if I had to be in a diaper, I'd prefer a nice organic bamboo velour or stay-dry microchamois on my skin rather than crunchy plastic.

2) They are chemical free for baby's body

3) Cloth diapers help you make laundry not landfill as part of a sustainable lifestyle.

4) Cloth learning pants and natural fabric diapers can assist in early potty learning.

5) You can reuse your cloth diapers for more than one child.

6) Cloth diapers save you $$ money $$.

7) Come on, are these cloth diapers not #SuperCute.  #CoordinatedOutfits.

8) With cloth diapers you can skip hauling smelly fermented plastic diapers to the curb for garbage pickup.

9) You can never run out of diapers.  Clean cloth diapers are just a load of laundry away. No packing up a newborn and a toddler, putting on clean pants and trudging out in the winter snow to get more diapers from the store. 

10) Cloth diapers can do double duty.  Prefolds make great burp cloths, and impromptu change pads.  They can clean up random spills, and save you from a lot of clean up if your little boy starts peeing straight up on the change table between diaper changes. (All you boy moms I see you smiling, you know what I mean LOL). 

11) Upcycling your cloth diapers is possible after your diaper days are through.  Prefold cloth diapers make fantastic lint-free cleaning cloths or car wash rags and retired wet bags and diaper pail liners make awesome dirty laundry sacs for kids' rooms, camping excursions, extra daycare clothes etc. 

12) Less diaper rash!  Many babies get fewer diaper rashes when wearing cloth diapers and/or using cloth wipes.  Cloth diapers are also especially good if baby is allergic or sensitive to the ingredients in disposable diapers or wipes. Cloth diapers are made with materials that provide better airflow to the skin (not plastic) which keeps skin happy and healthy.  

13) Proper hip development.  The hip joint is best kept in a sort of froggy position for optimal development and wearing cloth diapers can help support the hip joints in better placement for development.  We've seen a number of babies with hip displaysia at our store referred from doctors to be fitted for cloth. 

14) Reduced carbon footprint.  

15) The Blowout Barrier.  Yes, that's right.  You get less poo-explosions in cloth diapers.  Don't believe me?  Ok fine.  Enjoy changing poopy plasic along with baby's clothing, hair, change pad, blanket and car seat cover.  Don't say we didn't warn you. 

16) Washing in today's day and age is easy.  Automatic washing machines are a marvel of our time.  You put things in, add detergent and they come out clean.  It's really quite amazing.  Plus investing in a little bit of magic called a diaper sprayer makes life with cloth diapers just too simple.

17) Great conversation starter.  Not sure what to talk about on a playdate?  Having trouble making other Mommy friends? Cloth diapers are a great gateway topic of discussion amongst friends new and old. "Excuse your baby wearing an AppleCheeks cloth diaper?"

18) Social causes - a number of cloth diaper brands and stores promote amazing social causes through the cloth diapers they sell.  For example, for every Purple Rain colored cloth diaper we well here at Cloth Diaper Kids, we also plant a tree in your name at the Kids Saving the Rainforest Sanctuary in Costa Rica.  Help save the rainforest or find lots of other causes to support with your local cloth diaper retailer. 

19) Flexibility.  It's not all or nothing.  It's not a choice between 100% cloth diapering or 100% disposable diapering.  In-between is allowed. And for every cloth diaper you do use, you keep 250-350 disposables out of the garbage dump.  Every little bit counts. 

20) Easy diapering on the go.  One Size cloth diapers can be adjusted to fit smaller babies and bigger babies.  That means one diaper can fit your 6month old baby and your 2yr old toddler with just a quick change of the front snaps.  Picking up one diaper that can be used for either baby is easier than sorting two sizes of disposables and making sure you have both sizes of disposables in your diaper bag at all times for any poop emergencies that might happen at the park. 

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