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Newborn to Toddler: Tips For Making Diaper Changes Easier

Newborn to Toddler: Tips For Making Diaper Changes Easier

Does this sound familiar? You go to change your baby and realize you're out of wipes as soon as you take the dirty diaper off?  Or you aren't quite fast enough and your baby pees everywhere before you can get the clean diaper on? What about that quick toddler that makes a naked escape and runs away down the hall giggling? 

We've all been there, and when you're changing multiple diapers a day (and some of those are in the middle of the night) there's bound to be some hiccups and funny tales to tell later...

Did I ever tell you about the time I found a penny in my kid's diaper? No? True story.

So here's a couple of tips from a Mom of four that might make a few of those diaper changes a little bit easier.

Sometimes tiny newborns hate having their diapers changed and they aren't afraid to let you know it. Plus they seem so delicate and breakable don't they? 
Your best bet with newborns is:

- Keep them as warm as you can.  Get sleepers with a second zipper on the bottom if you can so you don't have to totally undress them for every diaper change especially at night so they settle and go back to sleep faster. 

- Invest in sleepers with zippers.  I repeat zippers.  Do not get snaps, never get snaps.  Doing up a million snaps on a wiggly screaming baby at 1am is a special kind of torture.  Just get sleepers with zippers.  You can thank me later. 

- Have everything you need ready before a change.  Double check that you have wipes, ointment, a fresh diaper and anything else you like to have handy BEFORE you undress baby.

- Young babies love patterns that are black and white.  When I have smaller babies I like to find black and white pictures or checkerboard patterns etc. online and just print them out and put them up on the wall beside my change table.  Babies like to stare at them and they make a great distraction during diaper changes.  A toy (once they can grasp) or a mobile will do the trick too, just keep in mind that it's very easy for a toy baby is holding to end up in the poop, so be careful with that one.

- Use a change pad underneath baby (and have a second backup ready).  Even if you have a change pad cover or something else lining your change area, a proper diaper change pad really helps.  Not only it is waterproof and washable, it's also got some absorbency to it too so messes stay contained a little better and are less likely to smear or leak off.

- If you have a little boy who like to pee as soon as the diaper is off, keep some cloth wipes handy at your diaper changing station and pop one over top of baby as soon as you take the dirty diaper off.  Then if baby pees mid diaper change it's quick to clean up and you don't get pee'd on.  A stash of cloth wipes nearby also means you have an easy way to clean spit up, drool or whatever else comes out of baby.

- Have poop to clean and a baby who can't keep their hands out of it during a change? Use baby's onesie, pull it up in the front and back and then snap it over their shoulder while you change the diaper.  This keeps baby's hands safely up and out of the way. Genius right? 

- Finally, have a safe place nearby where you can put baby down after the diaper change to wash your hands.  I liked having a nursing pillow on the floor next to the change table where baby could chill for a minute while I tidied up my hands and changing space.

Now that you've just gotten the hang of changing diapers, baby has gotten bigger and has more tricks up their sleeve.  Once they start rolling and walking try these tips:

- Once baby can roll well, I usually move from changing on a change table to changing baby on the floor.  I find it safer since there's no worry of baby rolling off.  Use a nice soft washable blanket with a waterproof change pad on top to make a little diaper change spot.

- If you have a baby that likes to roll like an alligator during a change, sit on the floor with your legs out on either side of baby and put one leg gently over each of baby's arms to keep them from turning while your hands are occupied.

- And if you have a toddler who very much protests sitting still for a change, offer for them to pick out which diaper they want to wear for themselves AND their favorite stuffed animal.  My toddlers were always much more willing to have a change if their stuffy was getting a change too.  Kanga Care makes little doll diapers that are perfect for this. They are inexpensive and make life with toddlers so much easier. 

Do you have any tips that make diaper changes easier at your house? Help a mother out and share them below!

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