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New Funky Fluff Evolutive Bib & 'I Like To Mauve It' Diaper Color

New Funky Fluff Evolutive Bib & 'I Like To Mauve It' Diaper Color

Today was a great day for Funky Fluff lovers!  The new Evolutive Bib and diaper colors 'I Like to Mauve It' and 'Hallucination' were launched today and are available for sale now here at Cloth Diaper Kids in Canada.  

'I Like To Mauve It' is a wonderful shade of purple with matching ties on the hanging wet bag and contrasting light blue zippers on the double pocket and hanging wet bags.

Plus look at those snaps on the diapers!  The 'Hallucination' newborn diaper is a very short run, the snap colors will match the one size diaper in the next shipment.  So, if you're partial to the cute navy and yellow snaps, get it now. 

And these bibs!  They are so innovative.  They adjust for babies 6+ months with snaps on the front and at the neck.  Fold it up to make a food pouch or let it all the way out to make a perfect art smock or first apron.  They are waterproof, easy to wipe clean and sturdy in construction.  Plus they come in three of your favorite Funky fluff prints: Thunderstruck, Kumbaya and Ice Ice Baby.  These will make great Christmas presents for anyone on your list and are a must have for your baby.

Last but not least, with all the fun, we must say goodbye to a few in the current lineup. La Vie En Rose, Love Bug and Ice Ice Baby are now discontinued.  Get yours while we still have stock! 

SHOP HERE and get your new releases and discontinued colors now.
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