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Home Run from BumGenius Diapers: Playball Series Is Here

Home Run from BumGenius Diapers: Playball Series Is Here

Releasing in Canada on our website tomorrow July 31 at 10AM MDT.

The ever popular BumGenius Baseball diaper is back and improved with team colors in the new Playball Series.  Majors, Champ, Homerun and Closer are here and ready to ship.  

Available only in Freetime All in One style and available in limited quantities.  Once they are gone, we will not re-stock.  These cute additions has a color contrasting blanket stitch around the outside making them look just like a baseball for all you die hard fans.  Or they make cute additions to any stash.  Wouldn't 'Closer' make a perfect Halloween outfit with that black & yellow?  

We can just imagine the cute dress up cake smash photos that will come with these new prints.  

Releasing tomorrow, July 31 at 10am MDT right HERE.

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