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Happy Birthday Lil Joey Newborn All-In-Ones

Happy Birthday Lil Joey Newborn All-In-Ones

Did you know.... That the Lil Joey Newborn All-In-One diaper made by Kanga Care just turned 10! Hello double digits.  

Here is a sweet picture of one of the very first Lil Joeys that Julie Ekstrom (creator and owner of Kanga Care) ever made. The first batch of these little diapers were made out of her daughters old pyjamas, sewn by hand on a home machine and waterproofed with a hidden layer of PUL!  Can you believe it?  Ingenuity at it's finest really and the epitome of up-cycling too. 
Over the past 10 years there have been a few design tweaks to the product, which tripled the absorbency, but the sizing and pattern has always remained the same.

If you've looked around the cloth diapering marketplace you'll see other diapers that look like Lil Joeys, but they are not the same. They are often copied, but their greatness is never duplicated.  They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  But we know that Julie created these, she owns the patent on them too and we choose to carry the original, the best, and give credit where it's due. 

There is nothing like a Kanga Care Lil Joey Newborn All-In-One diaper.  They are perfect little diapers that fit a petite 4-12lbs so even the tiniest of preemie and newborn bums can be cared for.  Our first baby was a small and scrawny 4lbs.  Many of our little customers join the world at the lightest of weights too and Lil Joeys can serve them all.  Double gussets to keep those messes in, a soft stay-dry top layer to keep the skin comfortable and healthy, lots of built-in absorbency without the need for snap-in boosters, pocket flaps or extra pieces, a trim design that fits well under clothing and a snap down front for umbilical cord care.  In those blurry days of sleep-less nights with a new baby they are so simple to use.  Just put them on, take them off, wash and repeat.  Just as easy to use as a disposable without the landfill waste.   

We've carried these little diapers for many years now here at Cloth Diaper Kids and they are always a wonderful choice for the smallest of babies and those who want to successfully cloth diaper from day 1. 

If you are expecting a newborn and you're wondering how many diapers you need.  Find out here.  

To see our full color selection of Lil Joeys, look here


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