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GroVia & Sloomb: Sugar Rush, Fennec and Jewel New Releases

GroVia & Sloomb: Sugar Rush, Fennec and Jewel New Releases

We couldn't be more excited to announce that GroVia has partnered with Sloomb!  Sloomb offers natural diapering products and superb quality merino wool knits for kids.  Erin has been designing unique and beautiful colorways in her Sloomb wool line for years and now they're paired up with GroVia to offer three of their stunning stripes as GroVia diaper prints. Wow is just about all we can say.  This is quite the dynamic duo.  These are not exclusive prints, they will re-stock, but they won't be around forever.  

The new prints Sugar Rush, Fennec and Jewel are available for purchase now here in Canada at Cloth Diaper Kids in newborn AIO, Hybrid Covers, Wet Bags and O.N.E All In Ones.  

Get yours here

Tell us what you think of the new prints in the comments ❤️
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