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Funky Fluff - AWJ or Bamboo - What's the Difference and How Do I Choose?

Funky Fluff - AWJ or Bamboo - What's the Difference and How Do I Choose?

Ok, the new Funky Fluff Zee You Later print is now available and we're getting lots of questions about the different fabric types and which to choose.  Should you go with Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ) Funky Fluff diapers, or should you choose the Bamboo Funky Fluff diapers?  

What's the difference? The difference is the material on the inside. We are referring here to the lining on the inside of the cover here as both types of diaper come with the same bamboo soaker pads for absorbency.

The AWJ is a sports type mesh (synthetic polyester), it provides no extra absorbency, however, you can switch out wet inserts and re-use the cover with fresh inserts if you so choose to use it as an All In Two style diaper.  Or, if you stuff the soakers into the pocket opening instead, then the AWJ works as a wicking layer with a stay-dry effect, keeping baby's bum feeling dry and rash free.

If you plan to use your Funky Fluff diapers All-In-Two style, grab some extra soakers when you purchase your diapers so you have lots of clean ones to switch to during diaper changes.  Think about having 3 soaker sets for each cover.  The 3:1 ratio keeps enough on hand do you don't run short. And a cover can usually make it through about 3 changes before you need a fresh one.

The bamboo diapers on the other hand are lined with bamboo fabric. This provides a small bit of extra absorbency in addition to the soaker pads, BUT it negates using the cover again at diaper change time as the bamboo will usually get wet along with the inserts. Also, whether you use the bamboo diapers as an All -In-Two with the inserts laid on top, or stuffed in the pocket as a pocket style diaper, bamboo fabric will be against the skin.  This means baby will feel wetness as there is no wicking layer.  Some babies are sensitive to feeling wet and it's rare, but some babies will rash with wetness against the skin.  Just food for thought. The bamboo is a bit softer, but will also stain more readily than the AWJ (as all natural fabrics do).  

In the end, both are wonderful options, both fit nice and trim, and both have a bit of stretch for a great from about 7 – 35+ lbs. The 2 x 4 rise setting snaps on the front adjust to fit x-small, small, medium and large sizes.

And if you happen to have a newborn, Funky Fluff's new newborn diapers are mini copies of the bamboo one size diaper.  Note, the newborn style does not come in AWJ, only bamboo.  Newborn diapers feature an umbilical cord snap down for cord care and fit 4-12+lbs.

Do you love your Funky Fluff diapers?  Tell us why in the comment section below.

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