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Fitted Diapers For Bigger Babies

Fitted Diapers For Bigger Babies

For a long time there has been a problem for cloth diapering parents.  Since the invention of 'one size' cloth diapers designed to adjust from 'newborn' to 'potty learning' the standard weight range has been 8-35lbs. 

But not every baby is 8-35lbs.  Not every baby fits a 'one size' cloth diaper.  Manufacturers began to realize this and several brands created newborn size diapers, two size diaper systems or even extended sized diapers.  

The problem though is that when it comes to leak free nighttime diapering, fitteds are the best and no brand offered a larger sized fitted for larger babies over 35 pounds, for night wetters or toddlers. 

Until now. 

Say hello to the New Bamboozle Stretch in size 3 from TotsBots.  It's the same wonderful fitted we know and love, now available in a larger size. This super soft diaper is imported from the UK, is high quality, high absorbency and fits 35 pounds and beyond. Plus this new version is enhanced with extra stretchy tabs and covered velcro.

Finally we have a fitted that works for bigger babies, toddlers and later potty learners! 

bamboozle cloth diaper for larger babies
We also have the Bamboozle Size 2 in stock for those babies needing a 9-35lbs weight range. 

Remember, a fitted is absorbent all the way around baby - which is why it prevents leaks, but it requires a waterproof cover on top (or you could use a wool cover). The Thirsties Duo Wrap Size 3 is a good extended size cover that can go over these if you need something a little roomier, and additional inserts or boosters can be added into the Bamboozle if necessary to match the needs of your baby without causing leg gaps. 

So if your baby is on the larger or fluffier side, if you have a toddler who is day trained but still needs a diaper for nightwetting or if you have an older child who's still needing their cloth diapers, we've now got you covered with the TotsBots Bamboozle Size 3 Fitted
cloth diaper for babies

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