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Cloth Diapering Consultation Session (Virtual) - 1 Hour

Cloth Diapering Consultation Session (Virtual) - 1 Hour

Hi, I'm Stephanie  the owner of Cloth Diaper Kids.  Want to chat with me personally about your cloth diaper journey on Zoom or Facetime? Book me for an hour and we'll go in-depth together on all of your specific questions so you can feel confident using cloth diapers with your baby. 

This session helps new or expecting parents who:

- Are considering cloth diapers and are overwhelmed with all the options.
- Have been gifted pre-loved diapers and aren't sure how to sanitize them or use them.
- Want more information on which cloth diaper would be best for their family.
- Need a way to learn quickly without packing up a newborn or going to a pre-scheduled class.

Instead of wasting your time trying to read the entire internet on cloth diapers, join me for 1 hour of expert advice and leave feeling confident in your cloth diapering choice. 

Why me? 
I started Cloth Diaper Kids nearly 14 years ago when we began cloth diapering our first baby.  I went through all the struggles, learning curves and troubleshooting of using and washing cloth diapers so you don’t have to. I've helped thousands of customers enjoy the benefits of cloth with their babies. From what to do with the poo, to how many diapers you need, I can help you with all of your questions because I've been there before.

With me you get:
- Personalized Guidance: I understand that every family is unique. During your consultation, we'll discuss your lifestyle, preferences, expectations and concerns to tailor a plan specifically to your needs.

- Brand Insight: As a retailer of premium cloth diaper brands, I can provide in-depth insights into the features and benefits of the top brands and materials we carry (as well as troubleshooting for other brands you might have in your stash). 

- Fitting and Sizing Expertise: Achieving the perfect fit and absorbency is crucial for comfort and leak prevention with cloth diapers. I can guide you through sizing and fit to ensure your little one stays comfy and leak-free with less diaper rashes.

- Washing Advice: While all wash routines will be specific to your washer/detergent/water there are some universal guidelines we can go over to make sure your diapers come out clean and fresh every time. Plus we can troubleshoot together if needed. 

- * Lifetime Access & Support: If you choose to make a purchase at Cloth Diaper Kids your consult also entitles you to lifetime access to me directly via email and text anytime you have followup questions along your cloth diapering journey.

- *Credit back: After your consultation, a $50 credit will be applied to your account, which you can redeem towards any future purchase at Cloth Diaper Kids.

Why invest in a consult at all? 
You certainly don't have to, I have lots of information available in the Education section of our website as well as on my BlogYouTubeFacebook PageInstagram and in my dedicated Learn Cloth Diapering 101 Facebook Group that's free to join. 

But if you prefer a shorter route that will save you some time in a one-on-one format, this consult option might be best for you and your busy schedule. 

How and when do we connect?
If you purchase a time slot, I will fit you in at a time that suits you within one week. I'm available for daytime appointments as well as evenings or Saturdays. No Sunday bookings. Feel free to put any time preferences in the comment section when you checkout.  Then we'll chat by email or text to coordinate your appointment, so make sure to leave your preferred contact info during checkout. I can also be reached anytime by email. During your consultation, we can connect by phone, text, Zoom or Facetime - whichever you prefer. 

Ready to do this? Let's book now.

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