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BumGenius Little House In The Big Woods Collection

BumGenius Little House In The Big Woods Collection

Where are all our Little House on the Prairie fans!  This gorgeous new collection is for you.

Introducing the Little House in the Big Woods™ Collection, an exclusive set of prints licensed from Little House on the Prairie. This collection features a trio of lovely and original designs that capture the spirit of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Parents and grandparents alike will love sharing the nostalgia of cozy cabins, warm quilts and prairie life with their little ones.

This collection comes in Freetimes, 5.0s, Elementals, Flips, the new Littles 2.0 Newborn AIOs, Outing Wet Bags, Weekender Wet Bags and the new Hangout Hanging Wet Bags.  They are limited edition prints, however, they are seasonal and will be made in larger quantities than a regular limited edition run - so everyone can get their hands on them.

We currently have them in stock for shipping anywhere in Canada.  

Find them here.
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