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AMP Hemp - How Much More Natural Can This Fabric Be?

AMP Hemp - How Much More Natural Can This Fabric Be?

Here at Cloth Diaper Kids we take the fabrics we carry seriously.  If a family is looking for natural fabrics like cotton, hemp, bamboo, wool, silk or blends of those for their diaper stash, we carry the best quality ones we can find that will perform in the way you expect. 

When it comes to hemp, AMP goes all the way to make sure their products are top-notch, which is why we love carrying this Canadian company's product line. Hemp is a fabric we often recommend to our cloth diapering parents.  Growing hemp has a low environmental impact and it is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics you can use for textiles.  It's naturally very resistant to pests, requires little water to grow and grows densely so it requires less land to cultivate.  As a fabric, it is long-lasting, provides stable absorbency, and is very durable while getting softer with use. 

AMP offers 2 and 3ply hemp diaper inserts, boosters and fitted diapers.  The hemp fabric AMP uses is considered a greige fabric which means it’s a fabric in a raw state straight from the weaving loom.  It is untreated, unbleached and not dyed in any way. As such, it still has natural oils in it when purchased new and often even has small pieces of fibres in it if you look really closely (hence why pre-washing is necessary before use on baby to remove those oils and prep the fibers to be absorbent to liquid). It is the most eco friendly fibre the company has been able to source. AMP's hemp is blended with some organic cotton as well so it can be soft enough for use against the skin as a diapering fabric (which wouldn't be possible with straight hemp). 

If you've never tried hemp in your diapering stash, it's a wonderful way to add natural fabric to your routine.  Hemp boosters are particularly wonderful to layer underneath microfiber or bamboo for an extra boost of absorbency for naps, night or longer trips out of the house without having to worry about compression leaks.

Want to see what we have in stock?  Check out our selection of AMP products here.

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