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Lil Helper Cloth Diaper

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Color: Scooterin' Sheep

Every company has that thing they do well. The “piece de resistance” of all their products that you realize is a must have. For Lil Helper it's their signature All-In-Two One Size Cloth Diaper. 

Not only are they designed by actual rocket scientists (true story!) but the practical features and engineered design of these cloth diapers sets them apart. 

Made for the parent who might typically not use cloth diapers if it weren’t this foolproof. No stuffing, no swearing, no jargon. Just a simple diaper that works.

Each diaper comes with a set of snap-together inserts called 'The Tank'.  The inserts snap into the outside cover creating your All-In-Two (AI2) diaper. Use one insert when baby is smaller or both as baby grows. Tank inserts are absorbent, trim, and backed with PUL to double down on the leak-killing powers of Lil Helper diapers.

These AI2 diapers are easy to wash and use. The inserts are absorbent straight out of the package so no need for pre-washing or prepping.  Simply wash them once before use just to make sure any dust from shipping and handling is washed away before using them on baby. 


  • ~10-35lbs weight range (however, there are some hacks HERE to help them fit even smaller from about 7lbs).
  • Absorbent insert set included with each diaper
  • No prepping required
  • Stain-free diaper cover-lining and dark colored inserts
  • PUL belly band prevents wicking

God Forbid Guarantee

Lil Helper wants every baby to be able to enjoy the comfort, cost savings and environmental benefits that come with using cloth diapers.  But should an unexpected tragedy occur, Lil Helper's God Forbid Guarantee is available to you.  


Cover: Outer layer is PUL 100% Polyester.
Cover: Inner layer is Micro Fleece 100% Polyester.
Charcoal Inserts: Outer layers are Charcoal 100% Polyester.
Charcoal Inserts: inner layers are Microfiber 100% Polyester.

Wash & Care

  1. Make sure any solid "stuff" is already out of the diapers and liners before you throw it in the washer.
  2. Pre-wash the diapers (short cycle) in warm water using the recommended brand and amount of detergent.
  3. Heavy Duty (longest cycle) warm/cold wash with proper detergent amount for load size. 
  4. Dry on medium


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