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Lighthouse Kids Co. Signature Size 1 Switch All-In-Two System

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The Lighthouse Kids Company SWITCH Cover System is a two-part system including a wipeable, double-leg gusset cover with a snap-in insert.  Change baby, wipe the cover and replace the insert.  Easy-peasy. You can also use this versatile cover over any other absorbency like a preflat, fitted, flat or prefold.

The universal insert attachment means that you can use any insert with your cover and the snap will fit.  Double leg gussets mean that baby’s mess is safely contained inside the diaper. Plus the leg gussets give the cover a deeper fit so it can easily fit over fluffy fitteds for nighttime too.  

This Signature Size 1 system fits babies from 12-35lbs.  

The *NEW* Tongue-Style Insert allows the diaper to feel dry or wet to baby, depending on your preference.  Simply flip the insert vertically to choose stay-dry fabric against the skin or fold the other way for bamboo against the skin (which feels wet - great for potty training awareness - it's your choice!)

Why We Love the *NEW* LKC OS Cover System:

  • Moves with baby, our signature lightweight TPU feels softer than other cloth diapers and allows for more movement.
  • Double leg-gussets protect baby from blowouts.
  • Comes with one tongue style insert included! Get more here.
  • Universal insert attachment means most inserts can be used with our covers.
  • Wash once, no prepping required.
  • One-Size fits babies aprox. 12-35lbs.
  • Choose stay-dry side for babies 0-12 months and bamboo wet side for potty training, from 12 months+.


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