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Kinder Large Hanging Wet Bag

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Color: Leopards

Kinder Cloth Diaper Co. large hanging wet bags measure 15.5 inches by 27 inches and feature two water resistant lined zipper pockets perfect for storing dirty diapers or laundry between wash days. These large wet bags have two nylon woven handles too, perfect for hanging and carrying it wherever you need it to go. 

Hanging wet bags save space and are ideal for families with small spaces or who prefer not to use a traditional diaper pail set up. Hanging wet bags can be hung on the back of door knobs, on hooks in closets or up on a door using a wreath hanger (a great way to keep soiled diapers out of reach of curious toddlers or pets). 

All Kinder water resistant products are machine washable and dryer safe on low or no heat. Just toss your wet bag into the wash along with your diapers on wash day. We recommend having at least two large wet bags so that you can rotate between wash days. 

If you use a diaper sprayer, fully saturated, wet items should be wrung out or allowed time to partially air dry before placing into wet bags as excess water may cause the material to wick. TPU is water resistant, not water proof. 


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