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Esembly Cloth Diaper Try-It Kit

by Esembly
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A reassuringly simple introduction to cloth diapering, the Try-It Kit provides everything you need to give the Esembly system a road test before committing.

Looking for a better alternative to disposable diapers that’s easy to use and will save you money while saving the planet? Look no further than Esembly! The Esembly line of cloth diaper products and accessories provide families with everything they need to diaper sustainably - from organic, “blowout-proof” diapers and waterproof covers, to upcycled storage bags and specially-formulated diaper cleaning detergent.

The Esembly Try-It Kit provides all the essentials needed to experience the simplicity of cloth diapering.

Included in this adorable (and perfectly gift-able) kit are:
• 3 soft and thirsty organic cotton Inners for absorbency
• 1 waterproof Outer for containment
• 1 waterproof drawstring pouch for storing your dirties till laundry day
• 1 small bag of Washing Powder for laundering

Landfill-free, leak-resistant, and super-absorbent! The reusable diapers in this kit can keep 1,000+ diapers out of the trash each year.

Esembly cloth diapers are made of certified Organic Cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Fabrics are Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certified.

Intimidated by the idea of washing diapers? Don’t be!
The Esembly founders spent over a decade washing cloth diapers for their busy NYC diaper service and know exactly how to make diaper laundry easy enough for any sleep-deprived parent to master. All it takes is 2 loads of laundry per week following their super-simple, step-by-step instructions (included with each kit).

Secure a clean, dry Esembly Inner and Outer on your baby at each change. When soiled, store in the drawstring pouch until ready to launder. Wash with Esembly Washing Powder as per the instructions provided.

Launder your diapers every 2-3 days using Esembly Washing Powder (or similar clean-rinsing detergent) as per Esembly’s super-simple, step-by-step wash instructions.


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