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Zoocchini Organic Cotton 3 Piece Potty Training Pants (Size 3T-4T)

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Color: Safari Friends Bold (Size 3T-4T)

What do you use when diapers are needed less and underwear is just too risky? Give them their My First Pair of Underwear™ and say goodbye to diapers!

Experts suggest that after a few weeks of successful potty breaks, a child may be transitioned into training pants before going into regular underwear. 

Hello “My First Pair of Underwear™”. Made from super soft cotton spandex stretch rib using Certified Organic Control Standard OCS100 ORGANIC COTTON, Zoocchini training pants are perfect for that potty training time in a child's life so that little accidents don't turn into big messes. 

Zoocchini Training Pants come in two sizes:
Size 2T-3T
Size 3T-4T

Available in a variety of prints in sizes 2-4 years, these training pants are made from organically grown cotton, and have a layer of double sided 80/20 Cotton/Polyester blend terry sandwiched between the layers of organic cotton for extra absorbency in case an accident occurs. The perfect stepping stone in the potty training process.

NOTE: These trainers have extra absorbency in the wet zone in case an accident happens, but there is no waterproof layer. Each set is a 3 pack. 

Fun bright colors and elevated embroideries make potty-training even more fun! Super comfortable like real underwear with a soft fully elastic waistband. ZOOCCHINI's organic potty-training pants provide you with the quality, design, flexibility and durability.. Makes a great everyday gift for your child too!


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