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New From Thirsties - Hala Kahiki & Main Squeeze

New From Thirsties - Hala Kahiki & Main Squeeze

Whether you are going crazy trying to occupy the kiddos while they’re out of school, accomplishing tasks in winter’s absence, or anything in between, surely you are doing it with a summertime smile. Thirsties is smiling with you and to celebrate the sunshine, they have a release that’s blazing hot! With summertime in full swing, Thirsties has gone all fruity! Introducing the new limited editions, Hala Kahiki and Main Squeeze, two summery fruit prints that will surely quench your thirst for some new Thirsties!

Hala Kahiki, borrowed from the tropical state in the Pacific, features pineapples in watercolor blue, teal, and purple with bold royal snaps and binding. Its citrus sidekick, Main Squeeze, showcases slices of lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit with bright green snaps and binding.

Both prints are available in Duo Wrap (all three sizes), Swim Diaper, Natural Newborn All in One, Natural One Size All in One, One Size Pocket, Natural One Size Pocket, Newborn All in One, One Size All in One and Wet Bag and we have them all stocked and ready to go here in Canada at Cloth Diaper Kids.  Our shipment is already here and these are ready to ship immediately.

Don't wait, the Thirsties limited editions usually sell out quite fast. 

>>Find yours HERE<<
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