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How 'Kanga Care' Got It's Name

How 'Kanga Care' Got It's Name

Kanga Care is one of our long-standing brands here at Cloth Diaper Kids that we used on our own kids and that we have carried for our customers for many years now.  They are the makers of Rumparooz diapers and covers, the EcoPosh line of of fitteds and trainers, Lil Joey Preemie/Newborn AIO diapers and Lil Learnerz Potty Training Pants.  But did you ever wonder if the 'Kanga' in their name and the kangaroo in their logo has to do with Australia?
No, Kanga Care is not an Australian brand, they're actually a mom-owned company based in the USA.  Golden, Colorado to be exact.  

So then why all the kangaroo references?  Because of 'Kangaroo Mother Care'.  Kangaroo Care is the practice of holding a newborn baby in an upright position (naked or in just a diaper) skin to skin on a caregiver's bare chest.  By snuggling a baby this way with a blanket wrapped around or with baby in the pouch of a parent's shirt - like a kangaroo pouch - baby can feel the security of direct contact and is easily settled. Kangaroo care is an excellent way of soothing fussy newborn babies and is often used with preemies too.  Hearing their mother's heartbeat and regulating their temperature from mom's body helps babies feel content, safe and loved.  When our own children were newborns, we used this very technique with much success.

So the Kanga Care company based their name on this method of baby care. 

As a company, the core of Kanga Care's mission is to create and support a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for baby. When a family chooses to cloth diaper they reduce chemical exposure for their baby and also to other family members and pets and they help reduce the waste that piles up with disposable diaper use for future generations.

At the end of the day, when it comes to security and comfort, Kanga Care is here to help hold you - in kangaroo style - with a full line of safe, effective, comfortable cloth diapers for your little bundle of joy. 

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