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What Is The Best Cloth Diaper?

What Is The Best Cloth Diaper?

This is a question we get ALL THE TIME here at Cloth Diaper Kids and Bailey over at Cloth Diaper Podcast has some fantastic insight to help you choose...

Searching for the best cloth diaper is a common quest from many new parents. Like everything baby-related, we want to be successful in our endeavors to ensure an easy and simple transition into parenthood. But, like many things, the search for the best cloth diaper is layered in understanding your family’s needs and ambitions.

The Best Cloth Diaper is different for EVERYONE.

There are many different cloth diaper types and styles, from all-in-one diapers to classic flat diapers; each style has a purpose and ideal user. With every diaper is a fan group – a group of people it works best for – and it may or may not be you. This post will work out a few different questions that we can explore to find the best diaper for your family.

Lifestyle Factors
Not everyone who cloth diapers has the same access to the same resources. To help us find a cloth diaper that works best for you, the conversation probes to inquire about things that might impact the recommendation.

Do you have access to laundry facilities? Families who may need to hand wash diapers regularly are encouraged to consider flats and covers. Families who may need to use a laundromat or communal, may prefer to use an all in two system with interchangeable inserts like the Thirsties Wraps with inserts or prefolds.

Do you intend to cloth diaper at daycare? Families who will be using a daycare facility may find that all in one diaper, or pre-stuffed pocket diapers are a better choice for their family. The Thirsties Natural AIO is a great simple diaper for childcare providers. Pro tip - for an easy way to show caregivers which snap setting to use for your baby, check out this video

Do you have any health or mobility concerns? Families with arthritis, or care providers with other mobility concerns, might want to only consider diapers with hook & loop (Velcro) fasteners over snaps. 

Will your lifestyle post-baby consist of regular travel plans? Or maybe you just love to camp every summer? Families who travel are encouraged to check out smaller stashes with easy-to-wash and hang dry options like flat diapers with covers. 

When do you want to start cloth diapering?
Will you be cloth diapering from birth?  Families who want to cloth diaper from birth may want to consider a stash of newborn or size 1 diapers.

Are you starting cloth diapering later? A variety of one size options are available for families who want to start cloth diapering in babyhood. And for those who want to start cloth diapering in toddlerhood, size 2 & 3 options, as well as larger fitting one-size diapers can help fit a wide range of babies, toddlers, and children.

Will you be using these diapers for multiple babies?  This question can help us understand the budget, quality goals, and shape the conversation around product versatility. Families who want to cloth diaper multiple babies might find more value in a natural fiber system diaper that doesn’t need to be replaced or might prefer a sized system for a more longevity in the product.

What else is important to you?
Your lifestyle is just one part of the picture because we know that you as a consumer have preferences and values that can be incorporated in finding the best diaper choice for your family. We might also consider the following questions to guide you to the best choice for you:

How important are natural fibers to you? If this is important, skip anything with microfiber or synthetic textiles.

How important is local manufacturing to you? If this is important, we have great Canadian-made cloth diaper brands to check out like AMP Diapers.

How important is resale? Resale values are always changing, but some diapers will be well known for their quality and durability. This is always changing, but there’s a lot of resale value in Canadian made natural fiber diapers, and simple pocket style diapers are always sought after.

How important is your budget? Budget is important for everyone but is it a must-have or is it just part of the story because if you only have $200 then we will work to ensure that you find the best diaper on a budget.  It might not be your dream diaper, but it will work and it will ensure you have a clean and healthy bum for your baby.

Finding the best cloth diaper is a journey to learning about your lifestyle.

And the best cloth diaper that we recommend today, might not be the best once you start cloth diapering.  Don’t rush out and by an entire stash of one diaper. Try a sample pack of different brands and then buy more of what you love that fits baby the best. 

But that’s the fantastic thing about shopping with a retailer like Cloth Diaper Kids there’s a community to support you, the owner Stephanie to provide guidance, and quick shipping with the right products always available.

About Our Guest Author Bailey 
Bailey Bouwman

Bailey Bouwman is the Host of the Cloth Diaper Podcast – a somewhat regular podcast dedicated to sharing stories of cloth diaper brands, parents and retailers around the world.

The Cloth Diaper Podcast is a space for learning, sharing, and encouragement.  She cloth diapered her own two babies in Prince George, BC.

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