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AppleCheeks Says Goodbye to Sized Diaper System That Made It Famous

AppleCheeks Says Goodbye to Sized Diaper System That Made It Famous

On Feb. 5, 2020 in conjunction with the release of 2 new regular lineup prints (Petal Faster and Totally Narly), AppleCheeks announced that they will no longer be manufacturing diapers in their classic sizes.  They will instead only stock the new AppleCheeks One Size AIO and the One Size Envelope Cover for diapers going forward and a number of other storage sac sizes have been discontinued as well.

Many AppleCheeks users were shocked as the size 1 & 2 diapers that made AppleCheeks famous for fit and function were what brought many families to the brand in the first place.  

Most retailers including us here at Cloth Diaper Kids still have stock of the sized diapers left, so they aren't disappearing immediately (deep breaths).  Retailers can also still order sized diapers to be made at AppleCheeks Headquarters to stock in their stores for regular line up colors).  So, if there is demand going forward for the sized system or certain sac sizes etc, let us know or sound off in the blog comments section below, and if there's enough continued interest to cover the minimum order requirements, we can have them manufactured and brought into our store.  

Otherwise, going forward, we will continue to stock the new updated AppleCheeks product line which includes:
- The One Size AIO
- The One Size Cover
- Swim Diapers (in Size 1, 2 and One Size)
- Size 1 & 2 Storage Sacs
- Mini Zip Storage Sacs

As for the 2 new prints, we have them in stock and shipping.  Petal Faster is a beautiful watercolor floral with hummingbirds and Totally Narly is narwhals people.  NARWHALS! Enjoy them, they are on point. 

|See Petal Faster & Narwhals Here|

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