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Thirsties - Exclusive Release COZY COOP

Original price $25.95 - Original price $37.95
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$25.95 - $37.95
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Introducing Cozy Coop!

A Flock of Five Retailers has partnered with Thirsties on this newest short run exclusive print. Featuring mama hens and baby chicks, this farm fresh print is hard not to love. Backyard poultry enthusiasts will be thrilled to see Buff Orpington, Light Brahma and Barred Rock breeds showcased among others alongside cheerful farm foliage like purslane, amaranth and mustard. A soft neutral color palette accented with olive binding and snaps coordinates with all wardrobe colors so this heirloom staple can be passed down to all the babies in your family nest.

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Available only at:
Cloth Diaper Kids – CANADA (Shipping to USA too)
South Coast Baby – USA
Sterling & Me - USA
Jen’s Organic Baby – USA
Green Diaper Store – USA


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