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OsoCozy Bamboo Cotton Snap-in Diaper Inserts (6 Pack)

by OsoCozy
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Color: Small Inserts - Charcoal Bamboo/Microfiber (6 Pack)

Use your OsoCozy One Size Diaper Cover as an All-In-Two (AI2) with these bamboo cotton snap-in inserts. 

Each insert is 5 thirsty layers. Outer layers are a soft and durable blend of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. The 3 interior layers are extra absorbent microfiber which is 100% polyester. 

These inserts are a contoured design that comes in 2 sizes for a perfect fit depending on the size of your baby:

SIZE SMALL - This size is suitable for newborns through about 15 pounds. It is 4.75 inches on the ends, 4 inches across the middle and 11.75 inches long. With this smaller size it is possible to avoid the extra bulk while baby is small and achieve a trimmer fit.

SIZE LARGE -  This size fits best for babies over about 12 pounds, but can be used from birth too (although it may be slightly bulky for the newborns).  Size large is 5.75 inches on the ends, 4.75 inches across the middle and 12.75 inches long. This is the typical 'one size' insert dimensions.

The inserts snap into the Osocozy one size diaper cover. Together with the diaper cover they make a great "all in two" diapering system.

How may inserts do you need?
The cover can be re-used several times, so generally you'll want to have about 3 inserts for every 1 cover, or a 3:1 ratio.

Made responsibly in China. 


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