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Lighthouse Kids Co. - Signature Size 1 AIO Diapers (6-32lbs)

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Color: Butterfly
cloth diaper

Lighthouse Diapers are a new innovative brand of diapers designed by a mom who LOVES cloth diapers! These lightweight, super trim and stretchy diapers just might become your favorite. With a book-fold style inner attached insert you can choose from stay-dry fabric or wet feeling bamboo (great for potty training) - it's your choice.  Simply flip your insert to the desired side. No more snapping or stuffing inserts into diapers.

Lighthouse kids company cloth diaper

Why We Love Lighthouse Diapers:

  • Moves with baby, lightweight TPU feels softer than other cloth diapers and allows for more movement.
  • Wash once, no prepping required.
  • This All-In-One cloth diaper is a game changer for parents, it needs no stuffing after washing, no two pieces to deal with, just one, simple to use diaper, as easy to use as a disposable - that you wash!
  • Dries 5x faster than traditional All-In-One cloth diapers.
  • Cross over snaps means diaper gets really small on the waist for those little newborns!
  • Signature size 1 diaper fits babies 6-32lbs.  Or check out the Supreme Size 2 AIO made for larger babies 15-55lbs!


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