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Esembly Stay-Dry Liners (12 pack)

by Esembly
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Esembly Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper Liners are a moisture-wicking washable fleece liner that keeps baby's skin feeling extra dry. 12 super-soft liners per pack.

Trim and soft fleece liners lay on top of your Esembly Inner (or any cloth diaper) to create a moisture wicking barrier, keeping your baby's skin feeling extra dry. Stay-Dry liners also prevent diaper staining, and once your baby starts eating solid foods, these washable liners make removing poo prior to laundering a breeze!

Stay-Dry Liners are an optional add-on to your cloth diapers. Esembly organic cotton Inners can be used on their own with no Stay-Dry Liner for those who prefer only organic, natural fibers against their baby's skin.

• These super-soft fleece liners pair with your cloth diapers to create a moisture wicking barrier to keep your baby's skin feeling extra dry.
• Stay-Dry Liners can also be used to help remove poo from the diaper once your baby starts solid foods.
• Protect your diapers from staining.
• Washable and reusable
• Super soft fleece made of recycled plastic bottles.
• Thin and trim, no extra bulk.
• 12 Liners per pack

Please note: Fleece is not absorbent. If you're looking for moisture-wicking and an absorbency boost at the same time, check out Esembly’s Overnighters.

Esembly Tossers are a disposable alternative to Stay-Dry Liners for removing poop from the diaper prior to laundering. However, Tossers only help catch and contain solids, they do not provide moisture wicking or a stay-dry feeling on the skin. 

Line your Esembly Inner with a fresh Stay-Dry Liner then put the diaper on your baby as usual. Fleece Liner goes against your baby’s skin.

If soiled with urine only, toss the Stay-Dry Liner into your Pail Pouch or other wet bag for laundering. If soiled with poo, simply take the Stay-Dry Liner and shake it over the toilet. Because the poop doesn't stick to the fleece, it should fall right off allowing you to flush the waste. Launder Stay-Dry Liners with your Esembly Inners and Outers every 2-3 days using Esembly Washing Powder (or similar clean-rinsing detergent) as per Esembly’s super-simple, step-by-step wash instructions.

Fleece made of recycled plastic bottles 

Made in China.


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