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Esembly Go Two Sponge Set

by Esembly
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Made of 1 part forever sponge and 1 part compostable sudser, GoTwo is the sanitary solution to sponging you’ve been waiting for. GoTwo Sponge is the sanitary, sustainable, sudsing solution to sponging! 

The average kitchen sponge has been found to contain 45 billion bacteria per square centimeter! If not disposed of regularly, your sponge could hold more funk than the inside of your toilet. It is recommended that sponges be thrown away every 2 weeks, or weekly if you cook with dairy and meat. That’s not only wasteful, it’s expensive.

With Go-Two we set out to design a sponge alternative that is sanitary, earth-friendly and cleans just like a regular synthetic sponge. Esembly's patent-pending GoTwo is made up of 2 parts, a silicone base and an organic cotton Sudser cover. The “forever” base is food-grade silicone which is non-porous and doesn’t harbor bacteria. It does a decent job cleaning on its own. but we weren’t fully satisfied with the level of suds it produced so we created the Sudser cover to go with it. Slip an organic cotton Sudser over the silicone base and you have the perfect sponge! The base provides the structure and the bristles for scrubbing while the Sudser brings the suds and water retention. Powerful enough to clean gnarly pots and pans while being gentle enough to use on your delicate non-stick cookware.

Simply assemble your GoTwo and put it to use cleaning dishes and wiping counters just as you normally would with a “regular” sponge. When you’re done sponging, rinse GoTwo and hang it on the clear suction hook in your sink to dry. As often as needed/desired, replace the Sudser with a fresh cover. Retired Sudsers can be composted, thrown away or turned into a textile recycling facility.

Set Contains
- 1 silicone “forever” sponge base
- 3 cotton Sudser covers
- 1 clear suction hook.*
*The clear suction hook is packaged inside one of the Sudsers in the set.

Every month or so it is recommended to deep clean your silicone sponge base in the dishwasher, washing machine, or by hand with soap and hot water.

- Sponge base is made of Food-Grade Silicone
- Sudser cover is 100% Organic Cotton

- Sponge measures 3” x 4.5” plus hanging loop


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