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Some Bunny To Love - Our Thirsties Exclusive

Good Monday Morning!

We are hopping excited to announce our first Thirsties Exclusive (and the first Thirsties Exclusive in Canada), Some Bunny To Love!

An ode to our babies who are snuggly and sweet, who love their Mamas and who bring us so much joy. It features a gorgeous neutral color pallet, dark chocolate binding and lots of adorable details with the words 'Hug Me' scattered throughout. This great multi-directional print looks great at any angle and while it's perfect timing for a nod to Easter, it's perfect for year-round wearing too.

Some Bunny to Love is jumping onto our website for sale bright and early this Friday, March 5 at 9AM MT.

Available in lots more products than we normally carry to suit everyone's taste this time. We have the following in stock:

🥕Duo Wraps in Snap (sizes 1, 2, 3)
🥕Duo Wraps in Hook/Loop (sizes 1&2)
🥕Newborn AIO Snap
🥕Natural Newborn AIO - Snap + Hook/Loop
🥕One Size AIO Snap
🥕Natural One Size AIO - Snap + Hook/Loop
🥕Stay Dry Natural One Size AIO Snap
🥕Natural One Size Pocket - Snap + Hook/Loop
🥕One Size Pocket Diaper - Snap + Hook/Loop
🥕Swim Diapers (size 1&2)
🥕Clutch, Mini Wet Bag, Wet Bag, Wet/Dry Bag

We are shipping to CANADA & USA.
 Please see our shipping info here. We had a ton of interest from the UK, France, Australia and other places as well (which we did not expect). So, if that's you, find a Canada or USA buddy to get them for you or use a USA forwarding address if you can. We will try have international shipping options available in the future, but the timeline is too short for this time.

Note that we planned to run this print out for you last year and then....Covid. So, that means I can't bring in a shipping team to help us. We are a family run business with 4 kiddos. It will literally be my husband and I packing all of the orders, so
#1) Please be patient
#2) Pool your orders 
together with your friends if it's feasible (we will not put order caps this time) and;
#3) Expect that it might be a week or two before you get a shipping notice. 

BUT we still have a month until Easter, so I'm very confident we can get everyone's orders out an on those baby bums in time to eat all the Cadbury chocolate eggs while taking adorable photos of your baby bunnies in their new diapers ❤️

Thank you all for your support and for following along with us as we dropped hints this week. We hope you score some bunnies THIS FRIDAY!!!!! Eeeeeeek!

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