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Lettermail Shipping

Some of our products here at Cloth Diaper Kids are small and light enough that they can ship via Canada Post Lettermail, rather than parcel mail. 

This is a fantastic option if you just need something small, but don't want to pay parcel shipping and if you are not bothered by the fact that the shipping time is longer and it is not trackable (no tracking number). 

Things to know about our lettermail shipping option:
1) Your order has to fit Canada Post guidelines and be less than 2cm thick (or be able to vaccuum pack less than 2cm).
2) We may remove the packaging from a product so it fits lettermail.
3) It is NOT trackable and can take up to 3+ weeks to arrive. 
4) Lettermail does not qualify for our 'shipping within 3 business days' and may take longer to get out the door since it requires manual packing and labelling. Please be patient.

Use code: LETTERMAILME at checkout.  Code cannot be combined with other codes. Canadian shipping addresses only. 

YES you can sometimes purchase more than one item to lettermail, especially smaller ones like mini wet bags.  Some examples of things that can ship lettermail:
- 2 wet bags
- Up to 4 clutches or mini wet bags
- 1 swim diaper and a wet bag
- 2-3 diaper covers
- Up to 6 RLR packets
- Snappi and a cover
- Up to 2 baltic amber teething necklaces etc.
* If your order is too large or too many items to ship lettermail, put through separate orders. 
** If your order is too large or too many items for lettermail it will be refunded. 
*** If you aren't sure if what you want will fit in a lettermail package, just ASK ME first. 

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