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Kanga Care's Warranty & Customer Support

Kanga Care backs all of their products with a high degree of warranty and support.  It's one of the many reasons why you can choose Rumparooz, Kanga Care, EcoPosh, Lil Joey and Lil Learnerz products with confidence. 

Kanga Care offers a lifetime warranty on all snaps on both diapers and accessories. Snaps that are defective (cracked, not snapping or weak hold, missing snaps) within the first year get repaired by Kanga Care for free. Damaged snaps that are chipped, pulled off with use, etc. are eligible for free repair and the cost of return shipping. 

Elastics have a 3 month warranty. Elastics that have become un-attached within the casing, if the stitching is undone, or there's a defect due to a manufacturing error, it's covered under warranty. Elastic that has been dissolved or become corroded due to detergents or cleaning agents, or have given out due to time, or wear and tear are not covered under the warranty. 

Sewing and seam stitching defects have a 6 month warranty. Manufacturer sewing defects will arise immediately or within the first couple washes. 

* For detailed warranty information or to begin a claim, contact Kanga Care directly.

Customer Support
If you need some troubleshooting assistance, fitting help or washing advice, Kanga Care has a free support person on staff that you can access anytime free of charge! Simply contact Kanga Care to reach their support. 

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