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Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the Cloth Diaper Kids affiliate program, a great way to share your love for cloth diapers AND earn money at the same time! 

If approved, affiliates will be given access to create a trackable link.  Share your link on social media through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc.  When someone asks where to find a certain product, or for where there is a current sale, or for what cloth diaper is best for a particular purpose, drop them a recommendation using your link.  When a customer clicks through to our website using your link and completes a purchase, you draw a commission!  

Think of the possibilities!  You can host a tea party, teach your friends how to use cloth and give them all your link.  Start a blog or vlog about cloth diapers, green parenting, or anything you're passionate about and discuss cloth diapers every once in a while (add your link).  If you're posting adorable pics of your kids wearing teething jewelry or the newest cloth diaper print (add your link so others know where to buy it).  Cruise around Facebook's parenting groups letting moms know what useful items they can find for a great price at our store (you know you're doing it anyway - why not make some money at it?). You are only bound by your creativity!

Why is our program different?  Well, we don't just offer you store credit.  You can take your commissions out as store credit OR CASH!  No one else offers that.  Also, our 3% commission rate is re-occurring.  What does that mean?  It means that you don't just get credit for the first time a new customer purchases, it means you can get credit for repeat purchases from the same customer too, as long as they use your trackable link.  

Affiliates can request to be paid out once they accrue $20 worth of commissions (which doesn't take long!) Or Cloth Diaper Kids can choose to pay out an account at any time. Affiliates can request their choice of store credit or payment by cheque.

What's the catch?  Well, we want active affiliates, so we have a limited number of spaces available.  Every few months we comb through our affiliate accounts and we only keep the active, top referring accounts. *Note if your account is de-activated for any reason and the commissions are below the $20 payout threshold, commissions will be available as store credit only to be used within 6 months.

Come on , you're browsing Facebook anyway?  Wanna make some money?  

How to apply
It's easy, just drop us an email request HERE

Tell us your...
- Name
- Location (City and Province/State)
- Your favorite cloth diaper Facebook group
- Your Facebook, IG and/or Twitter handles. 

We can't wait to partner up with YOU! 

*Affiliate program is open to Canadian and USA residents.  Note, certain brands cannot be shipped to USA.  All of our brands can ship anywhere in Canada. 

Affiliate Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time for any reason. Affiliates are not employees. Check here for updates and the most current terms.  Accounts are activated/deactivated at the sold discretion of Cloth Diaper Kids. 


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