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Healing Amber Necklace - 11 Inches

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Color: Gold & Cream Duo Amber

Genuine baltic amber necklaces, knotted between each bead, with a clasp closure. Hand made by Lithuanian artisans. 

Never leave children unattended with amber jewelry.

It is meant to be worn, never ingested or chewed.  

What is Baltic Amber?
Amber is thought to bring good luck! Baltic Amber is a fossilized tree resin & comes in a variety of colours and shapes. It has been used for thousands of years as a healing agent, jewelry and decoration. Baltic Amber contains 3-8% succinic acid, which is believed to help with pain while wearing it. Succinic acid is a natural analgeisic and healing agent.

What size to order:
Take a string and place it around your neck, wrist or ankle loosely and where you would like to wear it. Mark the string, place it next to a ruler or tape measure and the length is your size. 

For babies, as a general rule under 6months of age, select the 11 inch size; over 6 months of age select the 13 inch size. It is best if the necklace does not come up over the chin so it is less likely to be chewed or snagged. Always directly supervise children during use. 

Keep in mind, this is a handmade item, and all sizes are approximate with up to a 1 inch variance in length. This is to be expected. They all have smooth rounded edges and have many variations even within their own color - no two beads are alike (colour, shape or size) which makes each one unique!

Amber comes in many different colours and shades and their names help explain how light or dark they are from gold to molasses! There are many variations within each colour and don't forget to look for specks of uniqueness throughout!

What is Raw Amber?:
All Healing Amber is raw amber, meaning it is in it's natural state. When you see the amber color described as 'raw', it means that it has a matte finish and is unpolished. If you select polished amber, it has been tumbled in a barrel with wood chips to bring out the glassy shine!

Note: If you purchase a raw piece of jewelry, it will end up looking polished over time with use.

Amber is a natural product with specks of dirt, air bubbles, insects and other unique qualities. Differently shaped beads, inconsistent colours and minor cracks are not defects. If amber items are thrown or fall on a hard surface, they have a greater tendency to break. Safety Clasps are meant to give way when under pressure. These are not considered defects.


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