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Kinder Lounger Pocket Cloth Diaper with Bamboo Insert Included

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Kinder's newest addition.... the Lounger Pocket Diaper featuring a Minky Fleece outside fabric (water resistant) with Athletic Wicking Jersey inside. So comfy inside and out.

These diapers are have a soft, velvet-like fabric on the outside called minky.  The minky has been laminated just like a regular pocket diaper's PUL so it's water resistant like any other pocket diaper or diaper cover. 

It comes with a 4 layer Standard Bamboo Insert included and fits aprox. 7-60lbs just like Kinder's regular pocket diapers

Kinder Cloth Diapers feature a three by five adjustable rise setting that is flexible enough to fit most babies from birth to potty training.

  • Lightweight breathable, athletic wicking jersey (AWJ) lining and waterproof tummy panel, ideal for tummy sleepers.
  • Wide hip snaps and dirty crossover snaps allow for a more customized fit with a wide rear pocket elastic that lays flat against baby's back for a better overall fit and performance.
  • All kinder diapers also feature interior snaps that allow the option for inserts to be snapped securely in place during use if desired.
The Lounger Pocket Diaper INCLUDES One 4 layer Standard Bamboo Insert


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