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Esembly Overnighters (2/pack)

by Esembly
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A 2-pack of super-absorbent diaper boosters for when baby (and you!) begin sleeping more than 6 hours at a time. A perfect addition to the nighttime diaper, Overnighters keep baby leak-free and feeling dry. 

Give your nighttime diaper a boost by adding an Overnighter insert to your Esembly Inners. Overnighters are made of eight layers of absorbent organic cotton and one layer of stay-dry fleece. Fleece allows moisture to pass through to be absorbed by the cotton, but stays dry feeling to the touch to keep your baby feeling comfortable through the night.

To use, simply lay an Overnighter (fleece side up, so that it’s touching baby’s skin) inside your Esembly Inner, and put the Inner and Outer on as usual. If your baby is a very heavy wetter, you can use 2, or even 3 Overnighters at a time to accommodate the absorbency needs of your child.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS Launder Overnighters with your Esembly Inners and Outers every 2-3 days using Esembly Washing Powder (or similar clean-rinsing detergent) as per Esembly’s super-simple, step-by-step wash instructions.

INGREDIENTS Certified Organic Cotton and Fleece made of recycled plastic bottles

Made in China.


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