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Kanga Care's Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Kanga Care's Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Did you know that Rumparooz cloth diapers use eco-friendly fabrics? I'm always surprised by the high-tech, planet friendly fabrics that diaper manufacturers are using and I think everyone should know more about how much care and quality is put into sourcing these fabrics.

Many of our customers turn to the quality and fit of Rumparooz cloth diapers, Kanga Care's signature diaper product.  Kanga Care is a USA based company that has been around since 2006 making them long-time leaders in the diapering industry.  They hold several patents on innovative cloth diaper design features and manufacture at an ethical, certified factory in China. They go above and beyond ensuring the most sustainable, environmentally conscious fabrics and processes go into the creation of their product line.

The PUL fabric that Kanga Care uses for their Rumparooz One Size cloth diapers, Lil Joey Newborn All-In-One diapers, diaper covers, Lil Learnerz Training pants and their wet bags is a biodegradable, TPU laminated, environmentally friendly fabric. (If you'd like the lowdown on the difference between PUL and TPU, head over here). 

How is this magical fabric possible?  Well, the polyester fabric is a PLA (polylactic acid) which is a vegetable-based thermoplastic polymer.  It is made with 100% renewable vegetable sources, like cornstarch, and it is fully biodegradable when composted.  To make the PLA fabric water-resistant, it is laminated with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) film. Kanga Care uses a biodegradable TPU film that is heat bonded using groundwater safe glue to the PLA polyester. This heat bonding technique means the polyester becomes laminated and water-resistant without using chemical solvents. It is tough and durable fsbric that can easily withstand the wash and wear of cloth diaper use for hundreds of washes (typically 300 or more). It also means that it will biodegrade in aprox. 4-5 years under industrial composting conditions.

Kanga Care also manufactures a line called EcoPosh which includes their fitted

EcoPosh Cloth Diapers

cloth diapers (super absorbent and great for overnights). The fabric they use here is ultra absorbent premium Organic Cotton Velour (read super soft and plushy) and they use recycled water bottles as part of the outer fabric!  Yes, that's right, recycled water bottles made into fabric. How about that for the ultimate in up-cycling? The recycled water bottles are collected at recycling facilities, chopped up into flakes, washed and dried, then melted and extruded into thread. This thread is then used by the fashion industry and woven into useable fabrics like Kanga Care's EcoPosh line. 

1 EcoPosh OBV Cloth Diaper = 7 recycled water bottles. 

Amazing right?  Simply by cloth diapering we can help create and support industries that reduce waste in incredible ways and Kanga Care is just one of the many innovative cloth diapering manufacturers leading the way. 

We are proud to be a long-standing retailer of the Kanga Care, Rumparooz, Lil Joey, Lil Learnerz and EcoPosh brands. At Cloth Diaper Kids, we don't just carry any and every cloth diaper.  We select and stock brands from companies that care.  

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