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GroVia - Rainbow Baby Limited Edition Print

GroVia - Rainbow Baby Limited Edition Print

New from GroVia and available now in Canada at Cloth Diaper Kids is 'Rainbow Baby'!  

The GroVia Rainbow Baby print is a celebration and recognition of the strength and love that so many families endure!  

What is a Rainbow Baby?  

GroVia explained it beautifully when they said 'The term Rainbow Baby refers to a baby born after a loss, ie. miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss. These losses are so traumatic and forever change the lives of the families and friends touched.  But, from that dark time can come something truly beautiful....a rainbow. Rainbow Babies are a treasure beyond measure and a symbol of the light at the end of the storm.  For there cannot be a rainbow without first a storm.'

So, this print is for any family that has suffered a loss or to honour someone you know who has. 

This beautiful gender neutral print is available at our store in hook/loop and snap shells, O.N.E all in one diapers, All in Ones, and Newborn all in ones.  Get yours at the link below.  A select number of woven embroidered patches are available as well as a free add-on with purchase while supplies last:


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