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Lil Helper Swim Diaper

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Color: 1989

In the pool, at home, or at the beach this swim diaper is a must-have under any swimsuit or even on its own! A snug fit ensures that your baby looks adorable. Adjustable snap settings to fit your little one from tadpole to leapfrog to shark to t-rex (we are not pharmacists, ok? ok!).

Swim Diapers are designed to contain poop of all kinds to ensure that you, your baby, and your unicorn-shaped floaty are the only ones bobbing around in the pool.

The soft, inner mesh lining of this swim diaper is charcoal coloured - so no stains! Even though your baby had blueberries for breakfast.

Not only does this swim diaper give you a better fit than disposable swimmers, it can be washed and reused. Saving the environment, your money, and your pool day.

“Why would I buy a diaper that won’t even hold in pee?”

Have you seen those soggy disposable swim diapers? They are unsanitary and pointless as they absorb water and make your baby waddle around like a penguin. Does your swimwear hold on to moisture? Obviously not. Lil Helper Swim Diapers allow moisture to pass and only holds back solids. If you are scared that your child is going to pee in the pool, then I have news for you - everybody pees in the pool (present company excluded). A swim diaper’s only job is to hold back poop and our diaper does that exceedingly well!!

“What are the odds that my baby will poop while we are swimming?”, you may say. Turns out that, much like the ‘Hunger Games,’ when it comes to poop, the odds are never in your favour. Trust us. And when you are in the pool, your “poop happens” moment can easily become EVERYONE’S “poop happens” moment. And that’s not cool. Don't be the baby that shuts down the pool (that's embarrassing).  Use a trim fitting swim diaper with snug elastics and take your baby out right away for a change if you see them make the 'pooping face'. 

Adjustable snap settings on the waist and rise, will allow this reusable swim diaper to fit your little one from 10-45lbs. You can even share these swim diapers between siblings even if they are different ages. And the best part is, almost all our prints are gender neutral so you don’t have to worry even if you keep them for your next one!


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