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Esembly Produce Savers

by Esembly
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A set of 5 organic cotton produce bags that protect and prolong the life of your fruits and veggies from supermarket to fridge.

Plastic produce bags at the grocery store are wasteful and serve no purpose once you get your fruits and veggies home. In fact, storing produce in plastic will shorten its life – leading to mushy, slimy food. Esembly's Produce Savers go with you from market to fridge, thereby reducing plastic and food waste along the way!

When food shopping, ditch the disposables simply slip your produce right into Produce Saver Bags instead. Once home, wet the Produce Saver and store your veggies inside the damp bag in your fridge where they will stay crisper and fresher for longer. 

Take your Produce Savers along with you to the grocery store or farmers market and shop right into them. Use the Tare Weights on the bag tag when checking out.

How To Store Produce
- Remove moisture loving veggies (like leafy greens and fresh herbs) and run the empty produce saver under the faucet to wet it. Wring out the excess water and slip the veggies back into the damp bag. Cinch the drawstring and store in the crisper drawer of your fridge.
- For produce that prefers to stay dry (like apples, potatoes, and carrots) simply skip the wetting step and keep everything right in the bags till you’re ready to use it.

- Machine or Hand wash. 
- Dry in the dryer on medium high heat* or line dry. 
* Hang dry to avoid shrinkage if desired.

- Made of 100% Organic Cotton

- 2 Small Bags measure 9" x 11" each
- 2 Medium Bags measure 11" x 13" each
- 1 Large Bag measures 14" x 16"


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