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Kanga Care Paci Clips & Teethers

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Introducing NEW Paci Clips and Teethers from Kanga Care! 

In stock and shipping. 

The Kanga Care Teether is a visually stimulating and easy to grasp early stage sensory and motor skill development toy. Each 3-ring Kanga Care Teether includes one ring of beautifully saturated silicone beads and 2 hard beech wood rings of graduated sizes. Some teethers include wooden beads crochet in yarn. Recommended for ages 0-24months.

Kanga Care Paci Clip Feature:
  • Silicone Beads & Beech Wood
  • Holds pacifiers or teething toys so they don't fall on the ground
  • Attachable Clip :: Baby clothes, bibs, carseat, stroller and more.
  • 6 color combinations
  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Fashionable and comfortable for baby
  • High quality, non-toxic materials

The Kanga Care Pacifier Clip is a must have for every parent’s diaper bag! Available in 6 styles, this pacifier clip universally attaches to any pacifier or teething ring, preventing your little one from dropping it on the ground or out of reach. Easily attach to baby’s clothing with the smooth and modern design.

Kanga Care Teething Rings Feature:
  • Silicone Beads & Beech Wood
  • Helps development :: grasping ability, stimulating visual and motor sensory development
  • 5 color combinations
  • Natural teething relief
  • Easy to care for and clean
  • Safe, high quality, non-toxic materials
Wash & Care
Wipe down silicone and wood using damp cloth and mild soap. Do not submerge in water. If wood finish dulls over time, lightly sand the surface to smooth with a fine-tooth sandpaper, then apply a 50/50 mixture of beeswax and food grade oil. Allow time for treatment to set in and wipe away any excess.

Use & Safety
Do not use without full supervision. Inspect teethers, paci clips, silicone & wood beads, wooden rings, and muslin strips (as it applies to your product) before every use and discard if damaged or if beads become loose. Buyer assumes all responsibility. Do not leave unattended while baby is in car seat or sleeping. For use by infants; adults & ages 4+ may be able to break with force.


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