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Petite Crown - Medium Wet Bag

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Color: Starry Peaks

Always have a place to store your soiled diapers between washes even when you're on the go.  Petite Crowns medium size wet bags hold about 7 diapers - more than enough room for diaper changes when you're out on the town, even if you have two in diapers. 

Wash the bag right along with your load of diapers.  

Reuse and Reduce
- Reusable water-resistant bag, say goodbye to single-use plastic bags or garbage bags
- Machine washable
- Snap-on strap for hanging on strollers, towel racks, doorknobs or hooks near the change table.

Easy Laundry
Mess free dirty laundry transport.  Just toggle the top closed with the drawstring and off you go. 

Made of single-layer polyester fabric (TPU laminate)

Infinite Uses
Great for storing soiled diapers between wash days, but it's water resistant fabric also makes if fantastic for swimsuits, towels, dirty laundry or gym wear, toys, a change of clothing for preschool/daycare, holding dirty shoes or leaky hairsprays/gels when packing and much more. 

12" (30cm) W x H 16" (40cm) - Fits about 7 cloth diapers

Turn the bag inside-out to wash. Line dry.

100% polyester single-layer TPU laminate

Safety Compliance
CPSIA compliant
Responsibly made in China. 

Learn more about the people behind the Petit Crown company HERE


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