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AMP Organic Cotton Prefolds (6 Pack)

by AMP
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Organic Cotton prefolds from AMP are now available!  100% Unbleached Organic Cotton Indian Prefold Diapers in 4 sizes to match your baby's unique absorbency needs. These are wonderfully soft, absorbent and versatile.  Pair them with any AMP Pocket Diaper or any brand of pocket diaper or cover.  Simply pad fold in thirds and stuff into any pocket diaper, or lay on top of any brand of diaper cover.  Alternatively, fold and secure with a Snappi fastener.  

Prefolds are economical, easy to wash, fast to dry and make great impromptu change pads, burp cloths and lint-free cleaning cloths too. 

Comes in a package of 6.

Available in 4 sizes
Newborn (4x6x4): 11x13" - Recommended for 6-10lbs. 
Infant (4x8x4): 12x16" - Recommended for 10-15lbs. 
Baby (4x8x4): 14x18" - Recommended for 14-26lbs. 
Toddler (4x8x4): 16x20" - Recommended for 20-35lbs. 

Preparing Your Diapers
Before first use on baby, wash and dry 3-4 times on hot with detergent.  Expect a small amount of shrinkage as your diapers quilt and fluff up to their full absorbency. 

Washing Your Diapers
- Cold rinse
- Hot wash with detergent
- Rinse well
- Dry in dryer or hang to dry
*Do not use fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or natural plant based detergents that contain oils.  

100% Organic Cotton
Made in Pakistan


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