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Kanga Care - Bamboo Prefolds (6/Pack)

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$25.99 - $39.99
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Prefolds (6/pack)
4x8x4 Thickness
Kanga Care customers have anxiously been waiting for prefolds! These diaper service quality (DSQ) Prefolds are made of natural materials and exceed absorbency requirements making them great for those looking for a cheaper cloth diapering solution while still getting Kanga Care's quality standards.
  • 6 pk ::  Unbleached Prefold Cloth Diapers
  • 70% Bamboo • 30% Cotton
  • Diaper Service Quality
  • Not Waterproof - Need Kanga Care Cover (or any waterproof PUL or wool cover on top)
  • 4 Sizes:
    • Size 1 •  4lbs - 10+ lbs
    • Size 2 • 7 lbs - 17+ lbs
    • Size 3 • 12 lbs - 25+ lbs
    • Size 4 • 15 lbs - 30+ lbs
  • Secure with a Snappi

Bamboo Material Care:
When products with bamboo (such as Kanga Care's prefolds) are washed or dried at high temperates, they may shrink beyond the expected 10% after being prepped for use.

To avoid unwanted, or excessive shrinking, best practice is to wash in warm or cold water and then tumble dry low, or line dry. The use of dryer balls will also help minimize drying time.

Why Would I Want To Use Prefolds?
The fabric used in Kanga Care's prefolds is designed to be super absorbent and very easy to clean. Prefolds laundry easily and dry quickly - you won't have to worry about washing issues with these.  They are breathable, natural and keep baby's skin healthy and rash free. They are also a budget friendly option.  You'll want about 3 prefolds diapers for every 1 diaper cover.  A 3:1 ratio.


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