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Kanga Care - Flats (6/Pack)

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Flats (6/pack)

32 in x 32 in.
Flats, a favourite among cloth diaper users, are easy to use with all ages from newborn to potty training! Kanga Care's flats come standard in a 6 pack. Flats are a great option to help customize absorbency for each child along with being cost effective, super easy to wash and fast to dry too.

  • 6 pk :: Unbleached Birdseye Flat Fold Cloth Diapers
  • 70% Bamboo • 30% Cotton
  • Fits 4 lbs-35+ lbs.
  • Not Waterproof - Need Kanga Care Cover (or any waterproof PUL or wool cover on top)
  • One Size :: 32 in x 32 in
  • Secure with a Snappi

Expect theses to shrink a bit after the first few washes as they do have a high bamboo content. 

For instructions on how to fold a flat look HERE

Bamboo Material Care:
When products with bamboo (such as Kanga Care's prefolds and flats) are washed or dried at high temperates, they may shrink beyond the expected 10% after being prepped for use.

To avoid unwanted, or excessive shrinking, best practice is to wash in warm or cold water and then tumble dry on low, or line dry. The use of dryer balls will also help minimize drying time.

What's So Great About Flats?
Kanga Care's flat cloth diapers are designed to be super absorbent and very easy to clean. They wash up easily and dry quickly. Using this cloth diapering system means you can fold the same diaper different ways from newborn to toddler without needing new diapers. Flats are also very budget savvy allowing families to diaper baby with safe, natural fabrics without breaking the bank. 

How Many Flats Do You Need?
For babies 0-6months, you'll want 24-30 flats and 8-10 covers. 
For older babies 6+ months, about 12-16 flat diapers and 4-6 covers. Toddlers may also benefit from an added absorbency insert for overnight or heavy wetting times. 


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