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How To Fold Flat Cloth Diapers

How To Fold Flat Cloth Diapers

Thinking about giving good 'ol flat cloth diapers a try? They are really very handy to have around. Not only are they super economical and a fantastic choice if you're on a budget, they are easy to wash and the fastest to dry either in the dryer or on the line. 

Flat diapers are a large piece of fabric, but they are only a single layer, so washing them properly can be done with your eyes closed.  If you are handwashing, flats are definitely one of the best options and if you have a washing machine, they really take the guesswork out of finding the perfect wash routine.  Water and detergent flow easily through a single layer and getting them clean is super simple.

But they can also be intimidating to fold.

Personally, I like doing just a quick pad fold into a rectangle shape and then you can use them in a pocket diaper, or pop them in any cover. But if you want something more advanced and origami you go, a tutorial just for you.

flat cloth diaper folding

flat cloth diaper folding


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